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2020 Glitter in the Gutter goes Remote - Berger and Cabeen decide to expand the company by holding a remote audition... 


2019 Glitter in the Gutter; Extended Play @ Pangea - (full 30- minute work) The adventure begun in 2017 continues, expands, wobbles, cracks ...and orders more champagne. 

2018 Give Me More (Reel) Hyphen's evening-length dance theater work highlighting the intersection of gender roles, over-consumption and environmental destruction.

2018 Give Me More (DUDE... excerpt) - A scene from Give Me More. What happens when a, "male choreographer," decides to make a work about, "the power of woman..."?!?!?

2018 Glitter in the Gutter (excerpt) - An ever-evolving work in which two friends explore the glamour and grit of aging in the performing art world.

2015 Defined Against (full 8-minute work) - a duet created with Germaul Barnes for Cape Dance Festival, music by Westin Portillo.

2014 Hyphen ReelCabeen directed Hyphen from 2009-2019.

2014 Left (full 7-minute work) - a solo created in the 6 weeks after the break and surgical reconstruction of her right collar bone, premiered at Cape Dance Festival.


2013 Fire! (trailer) - an evening-length work; 17 interdisciplinary collaborators come together inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle's Shooting Paintings.


2012 Where They May (trailer) - an evening-length work; 3 musicians and 8 dancers lead an audience through Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park.


2012 Ready, Aim... (full 19-minute work) - a comedic dance theater solo, revised regularly and still being performed at a variety of venues, most recently @ Pangea Cabaret 2018 (excerpt).

2011 Into the Void (trailer) - an evening-length work; 14 interdisciplinary collaborators reflect on the life and work of Yves Klein.

          Into the Void (full work on

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