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Company Mission

The body is our field of experience. It is through this messy, flawed, and miraculous instrument that we know both ecstatic and mundane sensations. The work of Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen exposes and embraces the poetry of this paradoxical aspect of being human.

Celebrating the sensitivity, power, and intelligence of our animated mass, Cabeen’s choreography simultaneously draws on the contrasting aesthetics of modernist theatricality and post–modern transparency. Hyphen seeks to dissolve the notion that these aesthetics are mutually exclusive by creating work that is dramatically honest, and virtuosic in its clarity.

Company History

Cabeen founded Hyphen (formerly Catherine Cabeen and Company) in 2009, to explore how interdisciplinary research and collaboration can be used to build new movement vocabularies. Through Hyphen, Cabeen has engaged musicians, dancers, writers, fashion designers, sculptors, digital media artists, fiber artists, and scholars in collaborative creative processes, resulting in innovative new works.

Cabeen has shown work in New York, Dar es Salaam, Byblos, Orono, Belfast, Cork, Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Baltimore, Cape Cod, Lewiston, Bellingham, Ann Arbor, Middlebury, Vieques, Montery, and Seattle. Cabeen currently tours nationally and internationally both with Hyphen and as a solo artist.

Catherine Cabeen is currently working on a trilogy of evening-length works inspired by New Realist Artists. Simultaneously, Cabeen continues to develop and tour Hyphen, an evolving repertory program of interdisciplinary collaborations.

The first work in the New Realist Trilogy, Cabeen’s 2011 Into the Void, was commissioned by On the Boards in Seattle, and inspired by the life and work of Yves Klien. Into the Void was selected to be broadcast live around the world on its opening night, via Into the Void was also documented for On the Boards’ on-line performing arts library. The full work can be seen at

Cabeen’s second evening–length commission from On the Boards, Fire!, embodied the powerful and emotional archetypes of Niki de Saint Phalle's monumental Tarot Garden. Fire! premiered Jan 17–20, 2013 at On the Boards.

Cabeen's research into the work of Saint Phalle also inspired Where They May, a site–specific work commissioned by the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park, Ready,Aim…, a solo work focusing on female objectification, and Hair Trigger, a solo–remix–reduction of the research that went into Fire!, focusing on both current and historic relationships between femininity and violence.

Cabeen has received support from 4Culture, SOACA, Joyce Theater, Boeing Foundation, the National Performing Network, Washington State Council for the Arts, and numerous individual donors.